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Do you consign at more than one location? Select the location where you first consigned items with us to access your account! Have questions about logging in or navigating your account? Read our FAQs below!

Agoura Hills


 When you first log in to your account, you will see a blue box that says “Consignor Balance” and a teal box that says “Store Credit.” The consignor balance shows you how much money we owe you. If it is under $50, feel free to come by and pick it up in cash at any time. If it is over $50, know that you will be getting a check for at least that amount next month! You can use any balance towards any purchase, any time.

If you look to the left of your screen, you will see four categories in a column: Dashboard, Activity, Items, Contract.

Dashboard: Shows you your consignor balance & store credit. A consignor balance is the amount of money we owe you based on items you consigned. The store credit indicates the amount we owe you for something you traded in and may only be used towards purchases. A consignor balance can be picked up in cash or used towards a purchase. If neither of these occur in a calendar month and your balance is over $50 we will send you a check for the full balance the following month!

Activity: Shows you the activity of the items you have consigned. If you currently have a balance, you will see a list of the sold items displayed on the screen. If you do not see a list displayed, you need to change the date range at the top of the screen.

Items: Shows you the status of every item you have ever consigned.

  • Active: Item is within its 90 day consignment window. It is still on the floor and may be sold at full price or at a discounted price as outlined in our discount schedule
  • In Grace: Your items have passed their 90 day consignment window and are now expired. We allow for a 2 week grace period for you to retrieve these items after they expire. If you want these items back, you must email your store requesting them back.
  • Expired: These items have passed their 90 day consignment window and 14 day grace period. The item will either be transferred to another store to sell, put into storage to be sold again at a more seasonally appropriate time or may be donated. At this time, you may not request to have your item back as it has already left the store premises.
  • Incoming: Your item was in a different location previously and is being transferred to the store you have currently selected.
  • Sold: Your item has sold
  • Donated: Your item was donated to a local charity either because it expired and was determined unlikely to sell in another location, or a damage was noticed after the item was entered.
  • Returned: This item was placed on consignment and then returned to you at your request.
  • Transferred: This item was transferred to another store to sell. A new consignment period does not begin once an item has been transferred but you will still be paid for an item if it sells.

How do I view my account?

 When we create your consignment account you will receive an email from “Consignor Access” that will include your consignor ID & temporary password. Follow the link in the email to access your account and change your password. Once logged in, you will be able to view your consigned items, their status, your consignment balance and store credit amount. You can also access your consignor account by clicking “Consignor Login” on our website.

How do I see what’s expiring?

 Click the “Items” link on the left side of the screen. Look to the center of the screen and select the “Expiring” tab. Notice, the item will say “Active” but will show you the date it expires in the near future. If you want these items back, you should email the store immediately so they can work on gathering them for you.

For items that have already expired but are in their grace period, click the “In-Grace” tab. You will notice that these items have expired already and show the date they expired. The store will typically keep the items on the floor during the grace period, but due to space constraints there are no guarantees you can get your items back after they have expired. If you see items listed as expired and in-grace that you would like back, email the store immediately so they can try to retrieve the items for you.

I received a check, how do I see what I was paid for?

 Click the “Activity” link on the left side of the screen then click the date range link at the top of the screen. Select “Last Month” from the drop down menu. If it says “Reconciled Activity Hidden,” click the orange button that says “Show Reconciled Items.” This will display all items you were paid for that sold last month. The amount that is shown in the last row next to the text that says “ Net totals for x/x/xxxx to x/xx/xxxx for X line items*” should correspond with your check amount.

**Please note, if you are a client who regularly picks up cash balances or uses them towards purchases, that will reflect in the list but will not be included in the net totals.
**If you see a line that says “Pay Out” with an amount over $50 that occurred in the first week of the month, that is the amount we settled out for items sold in the previous month. You will receive that check in the current month. 

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